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Welcome to the Little Alchemy Wiki

Note: This Wiki are ran by Little Alchemy fans, and not staff of Little Alchemy nor Recloak Games.

Welcome to the Little Alchemy Wiki page! Little Alchemy is based on the old classic game - alchemy. This game requires lots of thinking and creativity, and it can a lot of times mess with your brain, unless you try really hard. This wiki is meant for the players who use it from the Google Chrome Webstore, Google Play, Android, Apple Store, and Pokki; it is also meant for users who are new to it but want to play it. It aims to be the best database resource site for Little Alchemy! We can't accomplish that though without some help, so come on out and start editing! The recipes table for the game is here if you care to read it. Due to the constant addition of new elements and recipes to the game this database is by no means complete, since it can be quickly outdated, however, most of the elements will appear there.

How Little Alchemy was Made

"Actually Little Alchemy was one of those test project, never really meant to be finished. The story begins during Google I/O 2010 which was partially streamed on YouTube. They officially announced the Chrome Web Store for the release later that year and I instantly knew that I wanted to have an app there as soon as they start. Few months forward and my friend and I made a simple game using jQuery, jQuery UI and generally some pretty bad javascript. The idea was based on the really old game called Alchemy but we just took the basic mechanics and we made a base composed out of 100 elements by ourselves. Probably more than half icons was missing and other than that the game didn’t really have any more graphics. Well it was intended to be just a simple test to see how Chrome Web Store works. Right?" - Jakub Koziol Read More..>>


You may combine an element with itself, if possible; water + water will give sea, while air + air will become pressure. If you move your mouse pointer over certain elements, they will be having a red shadow. That means this element is not available for a new combination and is a final element, therefore you don't have to waste your time on it, while trying to combine it with something else. Some elements can result from a number of different combinations, as, for example, pressure can be a result of air + air, however, it can also be achieved by combining earth + earth. You will also notice that a formula of combining 2 elements can sometimes create 2 elements. For example, Air + Pressure = Wind and Atmosphere. Another example is Ocean + Plant = Seaweed and Algae.


Looking for an Element that you quite can't figure out how to make? Just type it in the search box, and find that Element! Or, if you want to find it manually, use ctrl+F. Then, type the element, and you'll find it! Once you're there, click the link and it'll send you to the Element you're looking for!

Click expand to see a section of a list of elements.

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All Current Elements
Random Recipe
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Remember! There are 30 elements that are only exclusive to the desktop app. If you are not using the desktop app (pokki), you can not make certain elements.

Snow + Storm = Blizzard


2012 Archive

  • January 24th, 2013: All photos of the elements have been added.
  • January 28th, 2013: There are now 360 elements available on the online version and 390 Elements on the App.
  • February 10th, 2013: Random Recipe template is now finished with all the possible formulas and equations to make a new element. Feel free to purge the page to find a new one! You might not have gotten it yet. ;)
  • February 11th, 2013: We've just added 10 new element photos that are on the app.
  • February 15th, 2013: The list of elements on this mainpage is currently being added. Soon, it'll show all 380 elements that are all existing! Stay tooned. =)
  • February 19th, 2013:The Random Recipe Template has already received all the known formulas, but now it is going to through a visual phase where it will also show the element image. In the end, it'll look a lot less boring! Have fun on the wiki. =)
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